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Balloon and Airship Stereoscopic Photographs.

. Last Update: August 2009

A new ZEPPELIN IM RAUMBILD (Zeppelins in 3D) exhibition is planned
for 2008 in Stuttgart.  That's reasonably located in the centre of Europe. 
"Zeppelin im Raumbild" page for a description of the 2004 exhibition

Welcome to this collection of Stereoscopic (3D) Images of Balloons and Airships. 

Stereoview - R34 at Mineola

The Sections in this site are:
Stereocards: A collection of Classic images of Balloons and Airships. View as historical photographs or in 3D. 

There are pages for: 

*Free Balloons
*Other Airships

*Airship Wrecks
*Boer War Balloons
*Observation and Kite balloons
*Smoke Balloons
*Hangars and Shelters
Ebay Price and Frequency information is given for the more common cards

Modern LTA in 3D: Relatively recent 3D images of and from balloons, airships and special projects.  In stereocard and other formats. Also leading to a page of better known 'Special Project' balloons (and airships)

Viewing: A quick how-to section on viewing the images in 3D - Stereo cards can always be viewed just as photographs. To see them in 3D, either use a viewer employing lenses or mirrors, or 'free view' the image.  If you need instructions, see the 'links' page or go to the Viewing Stereocards page.

Feedback - I welcome additions to this collection (digital images will do!), and any additional information on the subject, publishers, and photographers of the images on this website. In particular, if you spot any errors, please let me know. Follow the 'contact' link below. Thank you.

Recent and New Additions -

  • January '09.  Ebay prices 2008. Sundry image modifications.

Previous Additions - 


Contact: SILTAF at Blueyonder dot co dot uk 
Please note change of email address, and decode this one in the obvious way.  


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